About Larry McClendon  

Larry G. McClendon, Managing Marketing Member of the NIA National Insurance Agency, LLC.

My entire insurance career has been focused on the administration and/or the sale of health insurance. I began working with American National Insurance in 1990 in the underwriting department and moved to health sales in 1995. With that said, I have learned insurance through and through from both sides of the plate, home office to sales, claims and customer service and profit and loss. I fully understand what it's like to be on the phone and knocking on doors needing to make a sale, so I know it is crucial to have great carriers and an agency who knows it is the agent who is doing the work and creating the jobs. Without the agent, there would be no jobs for any home office or any agency. With over two decades of experience, I am here every day working to better our organizations by helping each agent and/or manager become an amazing success.

The companies I represent are massively responsible compared to 20 years ago. I have always had one vision: being focused on our agent support and their customer service. My commitment is to the agent, being able to follow through with the promises made during the sales process. I know it is important to finalize the sale and maintain that customer for years to come. I know that without agents NIA, nor any of the McClendon Insurance family of Companies would exist. We do everything possible to make it easy for the agents to do business in every way. From on-line sales to daily payroll. We know the value of getting paid daily and the value of quality leads. I understand how important it is to have the opportunity to market quality products that you can be proud of. I make sure you can rely on the company you represent and know they stand behind you 100%. Being proud of your carriers and products only expands your business to an endless book of supply and demand. Our agents enjoy renewal commissions over and above new business advances. I strive to provide online accuracy to our agents with a reliance on service and stability. Our commission departments are very in-tune with our sales force to ensure we continue to provide superior service - whether it's an as earned product or an advanced product.

Attitude, performance, always learning with a winning, eager personality is the key to huge success. Sales takes a consumer trusting you. Without trust you will sell nothing and that is why I work on our IT dept every single day to make each agent have the best tools to show great trust and success to their consumers.