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Health Choice (Samples for TX):

HCS Application
HCS Brochure
HCS Disclosure Notice
HCS Outline of Coverage
HCS Rate Sheets

The new Health Choice Select is released in the above states as of today. IMPORTANT, the current Health Saver Plus III is still going to be available to market as well.

Agent's will need to go the agent portal at and login. Then look for ONLINE APPLICATIONS and click on Underage Health. there is a new icon with BOTH eApplications (see below). You do not need to download the current eAPP as it will still be on your system. Please click on the black and yellow Icon which will download the new product. Again, BOTH products are available to sell. If you have any problems downloading the new icon, please click on the attachments above which may help you. Please use Internet Explorer as the browser to download and temporarly turn Norton off if you use it. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW EAPP FIRST.


Trouble during download - If you are having trouble downloading the E-App, check your browser. The E-App is only supported on Microsoft Windows devices using Microsoft browsers (Internet Explorer and Edge). It will not work on Apple devices (iPhones, Mac computers).

Norton Virus Software is blocking the app - If Norton is blocking you from using the E-App or transmitting applications, you can change the settings in Norton to allow it. Click here for the instructions for changing the settings. If you need someone to talk you through this, or have problems with other Virus Protection software call us at 888-748-3035.

The E-App previously worked, but has now stopped working - Click here for instructions for a "quick fix" of the E-App.

You've tried everything and the E-App still doesn't work - As a last resort you can Un-install the E-App and reinstall it. Click here for instructions to un-install the E-App. Then follow the instructions in the "Getting Started" sections to reinstall.

Here are some PDFs for How-To fix certain issues with the E-App.

E-App Norton Issue - This PDF goes over how to make Norton trust the E-App and let the E-App access the Internet.
E-App Quick Fix - This PDF is for a computer that had a perfectly working E-App, but then the E-App stopped working for some reason.
How-To: Uninstall E-App - This PDF goes through the steps to uninstall the E-App. There is more to uninstalling the E-App besides going to Control Panel.

While we realize that this application is difficult to install, you might be able to get support to install it by calling 800.552.7879