Philadelphia American Software
Philadelphia American

You have to download the software
Use this as the agent number: 60000demo
You only have to download it once
After you install it you will have to find it in your programs. It will be called "PALIC E-App HSPIII".
Click the Philadelphia American logo above to download the E-App for HSP III, GAP, Critical Illness, Short Term Medical, 24 Hour Accident Expense or Dental PPO plans.
THE E-APP DOWNLOAD WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU USE INTERNET EXPLORER AS YOUR BROWSER. You may also need to temporarily deactivate your anti-virus protection to download the E-App as some anti-virus services will not allow the download.
This program to quote was developed by Philadelphia American and is difficult to install.
Here are some PDFs for How-To fix certain issues with the E-App.

E-App Norton Issue - This PDF goes over how to make Norton trust the E-App and let the E-App access the Internet.
E-App Quick Fix - This PDF is for a computer that had a perfectly working E-App, but then the E-App stopped working for some reason.
How-To: Uninstall E-App - This PDF goes through the steps to uninstall the E-App. There is more to uninstalling the E-App besides going to Control Panel.

While we realize that this application difficult to install, you might be able to get support to install it by calling 800.552.7879